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Empowering Crypto Fans with AI and Web3 - Where Socializing Pays Off

Real People, Web3 Commerce, Generative AI

A whole new way to create, connect, engage and transact with fellow coiners
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Turn Content, Insights into Revenue

Post ideas, trades, price calls. Set your paywall and get paid via crypto. Measure trade ideas against market prices.

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Promote Premium Content & Earn Crypto

Share premium content & earn fees on sales via your promotion. Revenue split is handled on-chain via smart contracts.

Support, Promote Creators you Love

Tip your favorite content creators. Promote high quality authors and content. Build reputation for quality.

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Grow your Revenue and Influence

Leverage your existing social reach and grow revenue. Share content on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tradingview and earn crypto.

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Do what you love & earn crypto

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